Mr Sudds

Pride precedes fall off
Fat dwarf rides giant tortoise
George Clooney’s hermit
Thrice a day leaves the folly
Mounts said giant mobile home
Spins anti-clockwise twice round
Well-manicured lawn
Back to bankruptcy
Smartass weirdos who
Hail from the British isles
Must simply keep hush-hush

Ain’t Necessarily So…So

‘Ungry! you bet yer
badass angry as hellza
hip-hip hooray Huzzargh
mush wryshuss indignayshun
Clear the room, remove the loon
jinx more second helpings now
is the winter of our disco -fuff
flacid gawd, whorely doxy…
puffer runnin’ uff out-pfuffuff
fuel needs feeding you Tom Fool
hire clear blue sky blinking
turn again Whitless-Washboard
turn again, for London’s Burning
lavender river flow-flows
Parting company wit
Aint as sinful as it sounds
Necessarily so-so


manifest obscurity

Cotton Wool

Drifting on a balsa raft, oriental crocus breeze, compass spindles slow, ever increasing circles, heading for the pillowed rocks, supine on a sandy shore, truly past caring


After, psycho-narco jollies pass, swoon descends into slumber, groping idly in the dark, letting out the rabid dog, listening out for sneaky rodents, standing tall in a small


Hall, struggling on scattered stairs, letting out spent poison, trying hard not to break your scrawny neck descending, nice day to start still life again, will it wet or dry be, where


Has the week gone too this time, high up noisome purple scuds, ominous luminescence, wishing for the worst, never hoping for the best, too many disappointments, keep


Calm and carrion, sing a song of sufferance, go lightly and with peace, what in these slippers, you are of course taking the piss, getting down to work, incomprehensible


Narrator talking out his arse, king seen in altogether, chortles ripple round real tennis courts, balls roll down ha-ha, quite a parting trick, bow low while winking to the


Stranger’s gallery, shapes of things to come, spasmodic tetrahedral paper diamonds, off road catastrophes, ploughshares turn to ear rings


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