Hoboken Bridge Blues

Stress (I trust you
concur) is mettle fatigue.
Bridges fall down
Glorious Hoboken had
One just yesterday
I saw it on the telly this
Side of the sad pond


crimson snitches cartoon mad months; reading meters & home economics— majoring in respiration, indolence and scurvy

Friday contemplates devices to reboot the sockless philanderers, lapus lazulis or purple necromancy…
Bald heads grow paltry stringy dreads, unesco unshowered for another week, seasonal collapse purviewed by fat slugs

Old starts abandon new beginnings, clapped out discourses mumble, nowhere to turn but westward ho!


Autumn dread in fruit and craw, incoherent timezones spout spurious silver flukes, weaving yet still dreaming of settlement

Woolly hat on, window wide open, Peres funferal, weird out of order, sweaty cotton grey jumper hangs, threadbare fag-burnt navy kecks creek…



Out of it is into it,

it seems to me today

darkness lights up night

disappearing day.

Sunset of another year

Silhouetted hand

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