Jungle Rock

No fictive dreamscape,
just a camera angle,
details are blurred,
sounds incoherent.
Trying too hard to pick it up,
capture it, cage it.
Enjoy the jungle—
and fight it at your peril.
The jungle in my
head is too dense to
penetrate today.
I must determine
to acclimatize,
then immerse myselves
Enjoy the jungle—
but fight it at your peril


let the sunshine out
deploy facts upon the ground
stumble over truths
find a squaddie in a wadi
blown to smithereens

Knock Out Blow

Had to go to the…
kitchen—what for!
Had a wash while i
was there anyway—
Buggered if i can remember why.
Bloody drain damage playing up again.

They’re at it as well
Damned post-Pagan heresies
Hereticking time bombers
Like mad things
All over the shop
Some as young as ninety-three

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