Green Scarabesque


Midnight Lamp

Conundrums scatter

splatter pellets eavesdropping

incendiary devices

hailstrom rakes still night

tickling all living all dead


Jade scarab beetle

Rattles gentle window pane

Psyche delivers nights

Between prayer and thought

Dwells mystical abundant


Incidental wireless

Wishes you were here

Butterfly shadow

Breaking up frozen window

Separating the pair of you

Here is the measure of my dreams

Green synchronic broach

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American Dream #487

Tom Paine quits Paris
Radical departure lounge
For America
Detained on entry
Political Booksmith
Bona fide fully fledged
Common Sense applies
Mounties line the border north
Mexican bandits the south
You are surrounded
There is no way out
Remember the Alamo?
No, was it any good?

Smart Phoney

Groping around for
something to digitize—why?
Dunno—some farce of Hobbit
Said Dildo Dogends
Pulling on a Panatella
Dripping diamonds

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