Night falls in an hour…
Selwyn had that look of his
Infinite dismay
Tempered by mendacity
A cruel melancholy

On the steaming heath
Feral energy flickers
Burning orange furnaces
Spit molten napalm globules
Vitriolic lavas creep

Embolismic pus
Overflows the mildewed culverts
All carnage and corruption
Premature fireworks fly
Down in Dingley Dell tonight

Stairwell to Paradise

All pills bulletin
Filthy crypto dawdles neath
Hazardous staircase
Awkward traverse to summit
Landing guarded by clutter
In the shower I crouch
A potbellied question mark
I anti-pasta rasta
Hairier than thou
Either me or this gut must go
green beans & brown rice
Matabele tea and toast
The clever money’s on the gut
Hope springs eternal
Skinless sausages in brine
The politics of cheesecake
Pressing issues of the day
Weigh heavily on my mind

All Loved Up

Foggy light six forty five
Quarter to eight summer time
Chronology sucks
Watched Michael Moore in Trumpland
Who the hell is Vince Foster?
After filling up my senses
Overnighting in the forest
John Denver for company
You cannot imagine how
Subliminal I am feeling
In the last colony left on earth

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