Blighted Hubris

#1 oil


Clear blue skies fuse hues

Crimson fuchsia radiates

lime yellow forsythia

scintillates sun gilded shrubs

wet mercurial paths comfort

shrinking troubled puddles

summer’s best laid plans

love apples cast asunder

 fast forgiven learned blunder

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Wiggle Room



as chance would have it
thick tar cable does
the job of a horizon, shut your
left eye everso tight

and you

can frame
it all in just one go

elongated myopic oblong
careful to include twigs
close attention to detail-
bare rowan twigs,
fragile faith in the lawn

of unforeseen consequences

mildew gilded boughs,
enlightenment infant sun,
bronzed and crystal clear.
The winter berries perished
in the spring storms,
rats got eaten up

by cold-hearted old stock doves,
or washed down weedy culverts
flapping about yelling in vain
like sink spiders floundering
in numinous U-bends
under sinks
all over the unknowable

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