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micropoems pinned

to treeblogs save our

planet from further

unnecessary clutter

green penknife trysts

etched on old tree blogs

eternally yours foresee

Tina’s coming very soon

so just dig it Dorothy

swallow the yellow brick road

ever remembering

neutron stars sleep all day

recharging batteries to

scintillate all night

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‘good eggs only sitting room                                                                                                                      just one careless owner  for that is all it takes dammit                                                                                                                                           (handwrit small on uterine wall)

intriguing i thought
it matters not what it says
any more
hidden   liminal signals
perfidious albumin such as I

call it sure:
whipped up some frothless coffee
no more seethes raves screams
or ruin six egg omelettes
exit means exit
eggs is eggs is egg is eggs….

after all is said & done (that is)                                                                                                                dot the eyes and traverse the                                                                                                                devoTees in a jiFFy



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