Marrow Cosh

The Avocado

After group send off  encounter 
fox foxtrotted through 
plush purpley neathy foothills 
of the 
Atlas wormcasts
and made 
Marrow Cosh 
in two shakes of lamb's tail,
a very short time indeed  
hypnotic jasmine soused the Punic air...

we paused 
before taking what became 
a final knotty rise. 
Beyond lay 
defiant and debauched 
in the shimmering cinnamon vale, 
this time minus bagpipes

Blumenthal gritted 
a precious metal jaw 
with a drizzle of loose chippings 
and led the way down 
in a subtle mentholated conga

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of humanity

affect me


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Come Hilarus

henry flower


scatter lucky beryl cellophane gaily around cutlass island go make marina pretty pristine regatta according to will and epilogue eleven years we lived harmonious-like then whoosh sister big wind Marcia blew up some tempest like see you never did

so it seems dangling over  parchment stone bones & ashes once impudent amusements were delicately nurtured doctrines by glum Python beyond farewell all hope of fortune for I was not. I was. I was not. I don’t care now leave traveller’s checks cheat others as you did yourselves

so you see these days not even toddlers except those young enough to get free baths value spirits underground valleys and rivers or our mate Sharon’s face full of black frogs or tall tales of hundreds of dead souls on one boat

rest assured ills end when you snuff it no dark underworld tosh no judgement seats all baloney borne by hairbrain herms…

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