Tin Island


 I am halfway back
 lucky too 
                   in the saddle 

altogether again today, 
b art end 
er O'Blivia Ted, 
in r a t so 
fink s o 
m o o d; so, 
it is (there for sow...
the ) best 
if I lock up 
            myself away 
               and get 
on with 
            w hat ever it is 
t ha t it s to get sem e l e...

dragon flowers morph 
once again in St John's Wood
sanguine infirmary yard
blue sin terminus
solicits us desist
from obscure rant schism


The Drawbacks of Disbelief

Cake eaters rattled crumble
Hunched up over precarious lattes
down inside voodoo child grumbles
—austerity charity caught fondling figures
violent phones rest in peace on unstable cradles
beckoning a reckoning—
faith & hope look on
kicked deep into the long grass

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