to lOve or tO Be
loveD That is the qUest(ioN)
(of) whEther (I) tis(Sss…)
noBlur RingS tHe mY en(mud)d to beaR
thE wotsIts & thinGummiEs
oF reGrunge aNd unctUous excretiOn…
cHorus (si’l vouSpLait the Lait)

little ditties…(i am a walnut)

micropoems crowd
scarred free blogs save our doleful
planet from gutter
unnecessary clutter
peagreen penknife trysts
slashed on old tree blogs
Eternally yours forelorn
Tina’s coming very soon
…so just dig it dorothy
swallow the yellow brick road
& forever remember
neutron stars sleep all day
recharging batteries then
scintillate all night

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