Saturday Moaning (Kitchen Alight!)

Occasional grunts
One small dish bonito fish
Ink stone sand paper
Pink tarn volcanic ice cream
Flesh trout stream water
Quenches thirsty fire river
Comes another bloody liar


Is that a second (2nd)cousin at a table in a caFé on tHe teLly-full EnGlish diSh?
Could be—could well be, mind you…
Bin men flit in white blur elipse
‘…electoral commissariat invocated…’
ImMortal c(w)ombat gobshitEs
PowEr (fUr) Good kNot Evil doO-doEs
BooBy is coLd oubt-sidE
Woman of heart and mind you
There’s a bright golden
Hose on the meadow faucet
WC Fields
Lava Tory water meadows
Pastures of Plenty
Sprinkle-sprinkle little star
Four five six seven eight nine
Ten bottles of gin

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