Cant regard



Clean and dry, Romper suited, booted in cheapo,

garish green Primark slippers,

I kiss the hogs,

mount the trusty chair


roll out to face the world of sticks and stones

that break your bones

and slick weasel words

that pay  us scant regard

hurry canoes!

NGS Picture ID:1217302

Bathing in a swimming hole at the top of Victoria Falls.


Undersea weather

Cattle low unlike hanging fruit

naked water buffalo blush

Woolly mammoth dribble off

waterlogged dogs trumple

thunder rumbles on


‘fraid knots…



…flaky funferal, gravity free yoga class,

hanging from the ceiling wrapped

up in a blue sheet,

fear of parachute failure,

tied up in fraid knots

mindful tussle to unravel,

fresh direction of travel:


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