After you Claudette

found down by folklore

a lush distressed

in the wee small ones

watching moonstones cast white light

enough is more than less than this last line:

‘Careful on that cheap gunge, Sis!’

The wind chides

blue onions kiss

grey skies blush embarassed

‘Do wise so like a wise thing does.

See that Puma dreaming on the bayou

how it not wakes with crazed hunger &

deal with things thought liberated way


It cannot or can it simply not?

For dietary products require

A Cat & Mouse Act

rubber tube for radical effect.

So it’s after you, Claudette then is it?…’






Long Walk to Neasden

Museum after hours

Lit up by jasmine joss stick
Debussy string quartet plays
Turn down thermostat
Open fan widows
Wine dark dawn begets
Clear blue canopy
To talk or not to talk to
Fiends & creditors
snow fell overnight just like Harvey said
the portrait on the wall winks back
the professor’s off his head
they titter behind desk tops
the little boys in class
first time it’s a tragedy
next time abject farce

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