Boatswain’s Version



post birthday thaumaturge loves labours added semi detached wrappers to history’s bulky bucket
a bin you find that never gets filled
in plastic night it coughs and splutters
sat scribbling blind in a barebones gutter
memorising lyrics for literate milkmen
on event horizons
everything swims past
truth speaks unto power masterclass

abnormal service is exhumed eventually after digging up  relics found in history’s              bulky bucket                                                                                                                                            so glad to hang around to see
do not try to walk now little mother
soldier on like a good egg
until you can run as far as your legs can carry you
hep cats conspire to inhale incandescent
frankincense & purr
interminable pleasantries
into jasmin lime

To Legal Street Dogs




…it is well known in curtain corners
hep cats conspire
to inhale exotic teas
frankincense & purr
& malinger simper while  milk
cools clots & condenses

in the night sacred rites..

You going now.

Whatever for?
Food? Is it Air?
Smoke? Water? Just downstairs?
–have a break from what
when you ain’t done
jack shit yet?


constipation sir
i’ll have you know
is a fact of military life,
remember how when
the highland clearances
started it was small before it dwindled
to an impertinent trickle
–good old duck in orange sauce
soon gave them light industry …ie
a military  industrial  complexity

never known beforetimes

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