knocks off

two rooms and garden


debussy knocks off an arabesque
storm gusts scratch the filthy panes
doorway stuffing shoulder pads
and a gemstone implanted chest
seem fittingly dissonant
for such an auspicious
what can i do for you your highness?
i say
he strokes his plague infested beard
we part amicably
storm gusts scratch the filth window panes
the arabesque is knocked off

Asphalt Shoulder Pad





NINE is eight gargling
stale orchids splutter

                                         airways blockaded overnight                                                                                               no second                                                                                                                                               no first
justice done to thirst                                                                                                                                                        scourge stuffy mildew drains
March gets arraigned

flittish snappy acting out                                                                                                                  tempestuous
acute vindictive zest
–when will words fall free?
consult yon purpley demon
that insufferable bore drones on
breast fed on puggled shovels
drives me bear to distraction
drops me off a polar bear
found abandoned glowing
in the icy sleet
on a dodgy asphalt shoulder

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