wet pulsar



fifty why not make it sixty
sixty lines a day
lines of various
l e n g t h s
–must it be teatime
already my life
telltale toe in plastic skin
F l i e s
flies of various size
age &  foible
cannot resist wet ulcers

Common as Muck



Wealthy benefactors speak
clipped in forked tongues,
tongues foreign to me.
A language better sucked than
swallowed, Henry said,
Prone to nasal one might say.
My lot however belch it out.
Undoubtedly more mucal.
Guffaw, belly laugh, cavernous
— oh my aching sides, we are often
found in stitches, crying.
Tears of paroxysm rolling
down our ruddy cheeks
Wholesome in a way

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