Paper Moon






The other side of the wind
Where the waves are absent
Save for lungfish splashing
stroll in pink straw hats down
an obligatory gangplank
for seasick whalers
day falls copious, resplendent
in the nursery window

To Have and to Have Not

Downstairs floor suck underway
With a hey-nonny-nonny
and a ha-bloody-hee
Gonna meet a quaker
with a banjo on my knee
killing time the old way
watch a river flow
under a complacent sun
Florrie sprayed the kitchen garden
a shiny black car drove off

Art of eyebrows sheds fresh light
Professor Marmite makes a stir
courts controversy
divides opinion
promotes indifference
chairs sitting on the fence
Splinters…sat no more
Denis Diderot takes a powder
Drowns his woes in seafood chowder
Chagrin’s cat hisses delight
Sibilant as steam in a fissure
A team player left out for scowling
Slicing blood oranges for half time
spitting in fresh face masks

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