She Sings Good

Way downstream

in Swindon
waters rise

spring tides surge.

How very dared
I met her

And brave the dangerous voyage?
The grass lay

down in the valley below
Where milk cows

numinous mull–

hands work

fields that never end
dawn to dusk
the cuckoo toiled

Swinish Multitudes Arise!


back 2

Let us pause for smoke and prayer…

Teeming sardines in the Arab Sea

A billion starlings over the Fens

Sensing food and predator.

Poor old religion gets another lambast

Courtesy of these withered digits

Hens in the back are revealed as angels,

a blackbird coyly juggles rats

Louche, pleasant, twisted opiate dreams.

The bayou shoulders slow magnolia

Grits for slow, big, muddy river that quivers

Magnificent regardful like a python

Weighing up the yearly weenie

…in the Jacuzzi of good and evil

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