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Sunny Day…(Who do i write for? Why…for You)




Went up

—new PopE

The Joy of Dudgeon Saxo


So, Farewell then, Robert K E E

grand EE old broadcaster.

an historian of note

to boot EE

Kept a fine thick head of hair

under which EE penned

A short history of raised EyEbrows

& A long drawn out short

Ossary of Hibernia

uneven handed, craggy featured whisky puffed spade of flab spills over purple pinned back sable silk scarved collar maxi purple glam rock bold school tie peeps shout in vogue, milk bottle top button unhinged in trad jazz warrior angry lib fulminating at  therms and the causes thrEE of…

Slan Abhaile



Sea I said



over the point

that bit of


Yea sea so


Yeah, yeah…

Please do not get het up,

Sounding like a Gatling Gun.

Quite naturally

I conjectures that i

Touched a raw nerve

Reading Festival

An irkstacy oeuf jumbles

Gyges’s Knitty-knotty knot

Mad unravelled oakum-pokum

Squirrels mate via screensaver

The August Bank Hillbilly Farce

Weekend descending apace

I am what I am


Thursday, 06 June 2013

1:06 PM

‘…a morning of many tempos – pleasant sunshine and a graceful arrival in the crowsnest, a contemplative shower; yet, the insistent repetition of the alarm clock was a portent. On arriving downstairs, I have to confront, singlehandedly, a defiant and barren hen about to ravish the spinach. Staged mayhem results in a cleaning frenzy of the clutter below and the retreat of Sloth in a Huff to her coop after having to do something…’

Popeye spent the rest of the morning ambulating on the zimmer between house and garden: stretching parchment legs, listening to Beethoven, smoking tabs, avoiding dogshit, avoiding humanshit, relaying coffee cups…result: relaxed exhaustion and sunny alienation in the atmosphere of poisoned, silent dispinachment…






An Optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity – Winston Churchill

I am waiting for a quote,
A Churchill quote, I
Came across earlier as I was looking at
Jobs for Freelance
Editors & Writers.
I am still waiting.
My computer is
Very slow. I
Call it Morse, and,
My other one upstairs,
The one for best,

Posted by Hesham Zakaria on LinkedIn on the site of Meshaal Abdel Kareem

Lines on Linen

Lines on Linen.



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