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No Kidding

Julia Pastrana the Mexican bearded woman (1834-1860). She suffered from congenital hirsutism combined with gingival hyperplasia. Displayed in the US as a circus attraction and the result of union between a woman and a bear, her manager made her pregnant a


Mention of kedgeree, vindaloo, and

rotis spur me from my slumber of libraries,

edits, and re-writes: more painkillers

due soon, and more in process.

Waking dream…


Local pill-makers frantically

mixing and moulding in small manufactures

before the dark.

Soon night will fall and they must be

ready for the collection, or there will be

no money, and they will eat their

potatoes glum in worried,

tired, futile silence.

So, guilty as I naturally feel to be a burden,

it is good to know there is a purpose to my existence.

What would they do without me?

Perish the very thought, accept the claim:

every sod’s part of the main.





Starving. Neck

aches bad despite analgesics, just Poll this morning.

Did crap.

In a heavy head. Read a chunk

of nodule, looked things up.

Caecuban triumph plonk!


Salian piss up.

Forked tongued

double Dutch caps Cleo’s aspic act. Horace Norris changes trains of thought.

After eggs and passing clouds drowsy.

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