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just before afterwards…




…nobody seen talking when one arrived and one left on a mission to Coventry  (a unique silence fell)
felt nothing no matter how hard could not relate felt very awkward (a true quality of
concave faces impress with natural reluctance to crack smiles while sedentary ( a screw came loose)
on return the ashtrays and coffee cups were absent without leave incidentally (a hound bayed blue)
stranglers and burglars concluded the account of recent deft grand larcenies ( a smell of tranquil ear)

Around the Corner (Under your Nose)

Big brown little brown
Hopping on the green:
Sunday service ist presumed
Big grey slug tar
Awesome gabardene blanket
Portentous sou’westerly
Sombre anticipation

spooky anticipation
rain is on they way

What a bloody drag – no HO
have a bizzy-fizzy,
take the decals off it
Schlocky morrow picture show

All the skies
gone grey
Hear out me no hip-hip
Everyone’s gone to the church

Apart from us
The damned contra
ry ones
Striking out for vain
In glory
Slouching as
to door

Mates Motel




Weekend will comprise one diamond guest:

Familiar, nosey, potty, bumptious…

What is guest? A wayfarer, a punter,

A complicit victim of hospitality!

This is not a motel, there are no

Bed & Breakfast signs, no spiteful

Waiters spitting in the soup. No Bill.

Just the old, battered emotional baggage to

Attend to, false dawns, a restless farewell.

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