Tag: Boiled egg





Starving. Neck

aches bad despite analgesics, just Poll this morning.

Did crap.

In a heavy head. Read a chunk

of nodule, looked things up.

Caecuban triumph plonk!


Salian piss up.

Forked tongued

double Dutch caps Cleo’s aspic act. Horace Norris changes trains of thought.

After eggs and passing clouds drowsy.


English: Coxal bone

Showered thoroughly,  racket of motors and gardeners ergo

no P&Q – which should be minded at all times. Pills taken

after scotch egg and salad. Sit outside in the din? Coffee & Fag first,

Friday afternoon slope off early. Bone piece on Hacek okay,

Strike Magazine – check it out, maybe subscribe. Need something

softer under my bare arse. Where was I? Coffee and fag.

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