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Chew it & Pooh It (Hoards of Babylon)



Containment breeds estrangement

I hear you hearing
remember me
when mothballs hatch
in the secret pocket
of your

Trial by Ordeal


Love trains leave by night

How swift desire passes

in this Wistful age of steam

Ecstasy clouds good judgement

All’s unfair in love

We are all war Criminals

Awaiting trial by peer

Group hysteria

Tread wary hunted Minotaur

Now standing on Platform Four

A seagull bound to tell lies

Omniscient eye seas lullaby

Land without Bread

Tea tree pungency

Midday twenty three.

Kilbride’s secret went

to the grave with him

everso tiny

peanut butter sandwiches

stitched into his stomach lining

there were no flies on Kilbride

just wasps and hornets

Pretty common for late August

In Andalucía

Un Chien Andalou



beauty somewhere here

eye of  beholder please nurse

pass me that scalpel


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