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Mornlight Drive

"Solitude" by W B Leader circa 1890

A blind, dead driver

in front

slows and

indicates all options

before a left at the lights opposite

a set sun of cheap stuff

and loss leaders

that call the believers

and sinners to shop.

Hot Cocoa Car Reverie

Illustration from below book

The cosmic chime of sub-atomic car clock

Inspired (drove) Samantha to yellow tears.

Fred Carnage clutched boiling plastic cocoa,

felt for her a lot: Why was that thenĀ ouch?


Bingo! It was Bloody Yule of course.

Her in fatigues sporting a bazooka,

he recalled, sipping with care…

The logo of Mothercare, in mist subsumed.


They shared the memory of a teenage pregnancy

A rollicking remembrance of a rampant ride for Fred.

The nightmare of an unmarked hospital grave for Sam.


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