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‘He showered

he shaved,

he came back from the grave.




The daily drudge is on.

Walk away, walk away.

Up and down the garden path

fetch your underwear.

Walk away, walk away

One step, two step…

collapse on the prickly pear.

Walkaway, walkaway


‘Sea above us,

sky below,

we’re upside down,

head to toe!’

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hand chat

We come of life

We want of death

We come of death

We want of life


We come of dark

We want of light

We come of light

We want of dark


We come of silence

We want of sound

We come of sound

We want of silence


We come of touch

We want of stone

We come of stone

We want of touch


We come of mind

We want of heart

We come from heart

We want of mind


We come of dumb

We want of deaf

We come of deaf

We want of dumb


We come of Ma

We want of Pa

We come of Pa

We want of Ma


We come of here

We want of there

We come of there

We want of here


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