Third Degree (Burn’s Nightcap)


More haggis, Angus?
 As if you've got no option
 stuck up f-f-freezing Cairn
Gormless wee beastie
 prone timorous troglodyte
 Nurse Zing (frost-bitten)
Tootsies icicles
 that is…
 f-f-fractious dreek dank dark
 clapped out anglepoise 
nods off...
 waiting room night malingers
 caresses cold dunk fingers
 puffy after early bath
Showers grumble come mid-morning
 crumbling inky murk
 Happy News Flash Bang Wallop!

 Waiting for noxious sausage—
 Pork & Leek -
What wondrous feasting!
 as intransigence
 gives way to coercion
Jam-packed Sheiling Mall

 ghostly dead come day dissemble
 autonomous flicker shows
 & lethal English Custard
 Slices Down The Dog & Duck
 Twice a week
Doffing bluebell caps