Tag: Defoe




Aunty Mare and sombre Sky observe
the proprieties at all times
Beyond the me the other hard to pick out
through the wrong end of a spyglass darkly
Ye Gobs! When frisbees roamed the earth
and all the bus tops green canopy
Millicent and Marty sought cover
from true blue meanies
Conceived after bathing at Baxters
glaze your arses and shield you gonads
to bless the pointless little head of Sprog
of Sprog Coriolanuswnd wash him well



Russet bricks, light fey blue cuck egg skies

Oriflamme sunrise through filthy back window


Faucet drips, wight torched grip Stilson prize

washer wither bold teardrops cease back window


Cannibalised urchins make best of bad deal

Promiscuous disposal dub scum back window


Gorged cheese door step warm ale Pied Pig

Wards and watchers hoist  petards by back window


‘We bury them at sea to stop grave hoppers’

Called a spade choice digging ornate back window


St. Giles, Drury Lane, Houndsditch, Liberties

Uber links death carts rollick rumble back window


Linen footpads pilfer sundry freebies

Despatch covert trunks to hell in handcart past back window


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