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Hand and Gout
Foot in mouth
Advertise for a stand-in
An imposter
Let’s call him Thomas Dolby
Either that or Victor Malby
So I invite him to check
And be checked out down
In Gadd’s Hill
When whoosh! A stroke whooshed
A whoosh like Edwin Drood
I gave then the Trial of Pickwick
A Christmas Carol
Waving farewell
Hand & Gout

rain stops play

Wackford Squeers

Pinball and Dickens, it will rain soon: the window will be shut.

Our hero is unwashable.

His father done bad investments.

Cold uncle with the sneery clerk do not help.

What is worse is that is he must go

faraway from this familiar terror

work for Squeers and dwell in his world.

Back in London the dirty oiks cheered him

on his way and gave him a letter.

he did not read it, forgot it.

We worry about him.

He drops the letter, retrieves it from the carriage floor

and reads:

‘…you can come at night. My spilling has gone with my wallies. Pops.’




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