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Hand and Gout
Foot in mouth
Advertise for a stand-in
An imposter
Let’s call him Thomas Dolby
Either that or Victor Malby
So I invite him to check
And be checked out down
In Gadd’s Hill
When whoosh! A stroke whooshed
A whoosh like Edwin Drood
I gave then the Trial of Pickwick
A Christmas Carol
Waving farewell
Hand & Gout

Welcome to the Working Week



The Night Manager,

Bond movie

BBC budget,

chief female spook

played by Poet Laureate –

it’s a new dawn on a grey day.

Calmed down after yesterday’s

sugary fry-up hiatus.

Big bomb in Istanbul

Merkel on the slide.

Grinding poverty

in the national interest

the right thing to do

sarin on the streets

of Birmingham quells

public sentimentalists

welcome to the working week…


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