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Chair Conditioning


Kitchen joy beheld
Chocolate almond croissant
Warmed up under grill
Rinsed a greasy baking tray
Rescued a sausage courgette
Flavius Importunas
and witchcraft sandwich
Boethius Consolation
of Philosophy fairly
lit up the Dark Ages
the Harry Potter
of those Gothic Days


Livid Kyle Funkadelic

She said:
How does it feel to



Breathe in octave,

in one voice,

the celebration of the fungus,

sharp light on water,

a trout called esther williams

has parasites on its whiskers,

they say: ‘shave this fish, shave this fish’

and slip under a fan dancing turbine

off for porridge & smokies.

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Yellow Wallpaper Flower


Over there observe

Fey wiry Mary Hartley

Confined to an upstairs bed

In a seaside bungalow

Waiting on a feted

Blue reunion

Summery justice

Life without dissipation

Sober as a smudge

Eleanor Rugby

Dunbarton council wheelchair ramp

She was known to have the wrong name,

(a clerical faux pas committed by Gerald

While eating a falafel after a

Good bollocking from Mrs. Godzilla

for being late in again.)

The corpse lived at No Fixed Abode

as did Wallace Pidgeon

the woman with her real name,

who rented the cellar.

It was all too much for Geraldine,

So, she just rifled the personal effects

for good pickings,

secreted them in the shallow,

nylon pocket of her too tight tunic,

pulled the sheet over the head,

and checked for recent texts.

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