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friendly strangers came to town
now guess what you did
you made enemies of them
go find yourselves
smart ass fair weather friends
you ain't riders on the storm
your just pishogues
in the solar wind
so that's what pinko lefties
bang on about till your sick
of hearing it any more
...and the sky is wide
just like in the old days when
people used to dream on you


Doors of Deception



rank & file


Slurping milk stout

on a sensible,

suburban bench:

Asyl of sound


If paradise is

half as nice:


so sweet

‘More power to you elbow,

me old Mucker!


That’s just the ticket…

Sit down and make a stand!’


said Commissar


pausing for chat,

‘ Where’s it at Comrade Cat?’

‘ Ain’t you heard, old fellow me lad

There’s one gone off

in Commercial St!’

Door Death

English: The Doors performing for Danish telev...

So, farewell then, Ray Manzarek

Baroque’n’Roll Pyro:

Vox of Reason

Of Strange Doors.


Special Friend.

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