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Tin Island


 I am halfway back
 lucky too 
                   in the saddle 

altogether again today, 
b art end 
er O'Blivia Ted, 
in r a t so 
fink s o 
m o o d; so, 
it is (there for sow...
the ) best 
if I lock up 
            myself away 
               and get 
on with 
            w hat ever it is 
t ha t it s to get sem e l e...

dragon flowers morph 
once again in St John's Wood
sanguine infirmary yard
blue sin terminus
solicits us desist
from obscure rant schism




Showered the bloated, glabrous, noisome oxen;

descended, short of breath, to a cleaner pit

to heft pots of beans, defrost a halved slab

of gauche bread, fainted in a serviette, came

to in a perfumed tea tree enveloped in tune

to Donne claiming he’d also given the sun

a run for its money through a wrought iron gate

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The Clangers

English: NCC (Land) cadets punished with Push-...

Bintruck rumbles,

crunches, and taps,

hoarse growls, and purrs.

All glass slides down,

booms, and echoes in

vast  steel cavern.

Clang, clang, thump, clunk

empty boxes

slam dunked, job done,

good work, see you!






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