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Home Secretary


loitering waist deep 
in lush plush blue grass

Reginald Maudling
resident garden tree gnome

disappears most nights
reappears most days

All that’s fit to print…

Tom Daly comes out on you tube.

Has he a book out for Christmas?

Never liked him, smartass it seemed.

Could be a case of jealousy on my part,

but he always seemed

another cocky little bugger like

My Perfect Cousin –

Kevin the Div.

But, mind you, he was thrust

early into the public gaze;

like Shirley Temple, Judy Garland,

or the Daily Mail,

or grown up faces,

and apple sauce,

and Macaulay Caulking,

Micky Rooney, the Queen, and rusks.

Thinking about it

More like Zola Budd

Or Elmer Fudd


The spectacle

Can be so fickle!


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