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The Die is Cast Off



…aside from scrub

scatted Street Legal,

flew solo around

the warm grey upstairs

spreading love

and affection with

my every breath.

I had a pony:

its name was Lucifer…

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The Fluster

sunflower rainbow
deluge – scarce ten minutes one
autumn after cheese
© October 2016

Curious Doormouse



equine ox

astronomical lingo

wrong sort of sleep

one of them funny old days

doing all the right things wrong

wrong sort of light to boot

mutters of great importance

scent whiff of torched digestives…

yawning bore arduous grey trudge

through south faced field first thing foraging

for breakfast, pretty slim pickings- tea tree dewdrops

bathe hands & start again humming nice day for a white webbing

Horse Roast

Shaky week bright chill bleak.

Stark relief conceals a brutal truth.

Situation abnormal

A world turned downside up.


Soon the birds must migrate

for warmer winter climes

so wrap up warm & watch your back.

The forces of darkness may soon attack.


Nuts gathered in May

Soon will have their day.

Timid earth coyly wobbles.

Gives up alms seas of troubles.


And by reposing, rends them null.

Mulligrubs with mean demeanours wrack the wind.

Gripes stab shrieks and guillemots.

Shags lie wrecked and heaped in frozen sea suds.


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