Tag: Erudition

Banged Up Blues



Tippett grumbles tweely
wormwood scrubs
confined to barracks
shakebog blitzed crude argot wine
floorsuck sonic toe wipe shine
invasion swots up Apenine
blue wasps stumble coarse scree
try too too hard to please yourselves
please no-no-no-no one
capricious Amy said with zest
war begets a war in jest


Worldly Weirdo Maps
Corpulent regent’s belly
Full of wind & piss
Town & Vandal Planning Act
Gargantuan appetite
Slimmer of the Year
Just resist everything
Butt redemption
Handy disapproval
in your inner ear
False conch shell less
Previous tenant—
A mongoose called Fred
Swapped strange towns for elephants
& monopods for dogmen—
Many unhappy returns
To Jerusalem & Beyond…



Unmake me stupid

Lamb-like ineffable

Elephantine sussed

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