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On the Shieling Lawn

End of Palm Mystery
Case closed post infinitum
Time for me hols
Refuel the battered keys
‘BFN—TTFN’: o F f
Formalities observed:
Put out blazing cat
Left in empty milk bottles
Turned up thermostat
Opened all windows and doors
Counter-counter espionage
Drones disguised as flies
Naff squiggly lampshade
Armed up to the teeth
And don’t forget
leave a smoking cadaver
on the shieling lawn

Rock the Kasbah

Teach Yourselves about Sociopaths ...item 3.. ...

World Service Station: 14.30.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


What’s so empty

about human concern

in a well-heeled brogue?




Ox famine aint it

awfulness oozes

Seeing a Roedean girl

gang-banged by

A Droog Militia who

snigger snidely.


Gymkharma ponies

crash demented

Against freeway barriers.

Pulsars of horse blood

pepper windscreens

Eye blink wipers

flick them away

As quick as a

pest in the Kasbah.



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