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Cuban Heels

his nibs


The mist lifts, revealing droopy,

vernal, Amazonian gloop.

Parallax, do my eyes sin?


In the clearing, by the wheelie- bin

The sure sign of alien matter

on the ground,


Gin Pink, silver-bowed, twenty some.

Beside these espadrilles, wellies, moccasins,

Clogs, Hush Puppies, Wellingtons…


Meaningful action of a sort,

concrete intent shown

But no feet in sight to date,


A gradual escalation,

Built on compromise,

a virtuous circle of footwear


Like a fairy ring,

a presence in the region.

Something’s afoot


Nearing completion

After the socks,

come the feet and arms.



Orange Socks

Orange flower



Wormwood wore a wormward look

purple boots  resent at leisure

trudging tough slow groggy mires

Orange sock hat Wormwood wore

On Sundays and bank holidays

she always wore orange socks

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