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The stampede continues, coughs and sneezes,
bronchial wheezes
spread more doggiedoos, half a blanket full for breakfast,
…I dream of Jeanie
with the light brown stool,
dripping on the stairwell in the morning…

The show must go on,
breath and voice,
breathing and voiceover,
timbre & tempo.
Little crackle cracks in an
Emerald Forest glade,
languid reindeer slopes
off, eschewing tree dust
unmoved by the wonder
we have just witnessed,
timing is everything you see,
the smell is creeping under the door,
anxious human footsteps clomp—

car insurance, benefits culture, health and safety…
putting two and two together
when nothing adds up
to a hill of beans. Yikes!

That was Sunday a week back was it?
yes last Sunday was ?
yes last Sunday was
Young Frankenstein .

Sleepless in Indianapolis somehow doesn’t have it.
Big Apple is just plain wrong.
yes you can write it off.
A Bumper Compendium of
Cinematic Carthorses
down the ages. Think
outside the shitbox
and it sure as eggs
is a shitty prospect out there

Ominous white roadsweeper crushes the car.
Fast dog craps at noise.
Deep yellow coloured lighter
obscured in part by glossy red cricket ball
quite by happenstance this
provides a striking contrast
in this tallow light.
Green tea did a trick (did it?)

Free Speech!

Percy Williams of Canada on the shoulders of h...


PMQ’s: doggy do’s and donuts, donkeys


dongs, epsilons. Chrysostom Whizzes. There


it goes up your Nos. Oui! Bilbao maze,


courting ruin. Edge of dark knees, Mercy:




Tintern’s Orange shell: morning sun crystal


fur frost. Wells too drop in on. The gentle


right man chews a rubber burger, butts a


verger, calypso hedge fund merger.






Snort and the world snorts with you:


sneeze and you sneeze on your Tod.



Henry had mixed feelings about his invisibility. On the one hand was the sheer novelty, and, at the same time was his basic need for recognition, by act or not in deed

‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Goobers.’ He burst forth.

‘Doom.’ Replied Flo, feeling left out of his thoughts and feelings.

Far but near away Maud returns to summer storm and the hell-thought that maters will remain unresolved forever.

Headcase tried to really get his head around the law of twelves.

Edward G busied himself with the balloon collection and the gooseberry tart and reflected that this would be a hard nut to crack.

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