Let’s call it a day for now
Just so as you know what time
I want to call it
It is as you can see a poorly lit room

A long haired pedestrian
In a floppy wooden hat
Leans, stretches out,
Pulls back the curtains, reveals

A full on fading
gawping gibbous moon
obscured by insurgent ghost riders
careering from the Northlands
Spotted a giant clear as day
Paddling in the sea
Of Tranquility:
Cubistic Eyebrow,
unambiguous stark cyclops,
Ivory orb under
shut umbrella eyebrow:
Window latch serpent handle
oily black lipstick
Groucho Marx pisstake
Squinting snootily:
Adolf holding pince-nez
for the Hitler family album…
You know the type, don’t you?
seen it all before, love
seen it all before…
as clear as day it
was as clear as day