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Seven times seven
equals Two o one seventh seal
Leaven un leaven
bitter peace overtures
smokey grey Plain paper
Salt’n’pepper aeroplane spray season cropdust brown breadfruit flies wilt
“Abolition of Stigma? Come loosen ties familial Amen”
Sacrum pelvic hip
thigh shoulder neckties
kerchief!—Bless yooh
P os tur e:
He impostah
P a I nt…pretty pictures
Blue skies blow flowered fish fungus—eek!
A booogie Man bo-Jangles
A fall comes before
Pride’s purgatory
Open mind’s eye
Crusty pastry (goosy waxy gander berry
under bramble hairy apple green)
pale greeny gooh burr
prickler perickles tckles

trickology pings


The Golden Age of Scuba



Happy is the man who can bear the things he cannot change – Schiller


Each time insurgent

Wind surges spank opulent

crimson drapes and naughty

gusts arouse dormant

gooseberries on exposed,

soft wanton thighs all sigh



chocolate ground juice

breaches ripe knapsacks,

glibly squirting,

soiling deep plush pile rug.



garish cushions we float maculate:

spoiled flotsam; jetsam of anarchy,

Two headed orphans

scowling quadrophrenes

brazen twisted Sisters scream.

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