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Good, that stopped the table wobbling!

Went out for a quiet garden moment,

just as I was warming in the soft sun

of early autumn, the army commenced

lawnmower war next door. Disappointed my

plans were scuppered, but undeterred to gain

nothing from my venture, I fetched the washing

from the line and back indoors, though failing

to spur the idle into action, I

consoled myself with the thought of green socks.


The Poor Poet by Carl Spitzweg


Missed that bit,

now lost my thread correcting it – blithe spirit indeed!

Blind panic panda at the door popped in for bamboo shoots and leaves.


back to Ma Jong and the tiling mosaic that

I am trying to sort in my spare time.

Gobsin calls with silly boy tales, same every year.

Not in the mood for Drood just now


should be showered, instead I have a luminescent crimson bear become,

wrapped up for the incoming and the outgoing.

Waiting calmly, apprehendlessly.

Quick brown lazy jump over sly fox.

Needing a feeding

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