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Boss Death

rhyming couplets
wearing doublets
 quadruple pneumonia

inseparable they are
airborne infection 
 tried to obliterate them
better luck next time round Boss
Death thou art deadened





Need a feed, a shave, a shower.

Aint got the verve, the desire.

Those who need terminal

or other flower cry posies

by and by, by the hour,

autumn flower, wet and drooped with

Rain, a face gone and still present.


In autumn rain, drunk on memory,

in belated golden light,

when sunshine livens shadow,

or that feeling, when your guts

give in to gentle sulphur gloam


So all will weep and sleep

Bless yourself your soul replete


In a thumbflick

Is the world unfurled

Mine are clumsy unused

Maladapted digits

Insignificant swollen

Leprous pointless digits

One may conclude there’s no point

In this activity

One may so conclude

Sweet Home

Most every dusk

I am obliged

To check

the lobster pots

fourteen crooked


(there are rusted

Wobbly rails)

Most nights zilch



In the lapping

Crouched desperate

Grey as granite

In favoured splash

One is caught,


In time by tide

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