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Mia Culpa’s bigger than Yours


took the morning air

never gave it back again

blueberry muffin

lead me into temptation

teapots lurk in big red chairs

piss call in the night

closet biscuit television

caught out red handed

insecurity blankets

from evil protect

Spoonless in Sparta



Where was the spoon?

The Spoon – the fucking spoon!

Water was running,

Loud and constant

running water

You left the fucking tap on!

He could just make out the familiar, nasal tone.

My eyelash is awash with milk suds

Not quite a froth

Clambering from the cereal bowl

Was arduous hard

Like pond weed

And gypsy tart

When Epidurals take Stock



Stumbled, hugged, slurped,

puffed the grizzly, mizzly

still born grim morn


Away with the furies,

the septic harpies,

the skivvying puggled blurb,


the chivvying, nagging

behemoth of claptrap and piffle

squatting in my gnomic canyon.


The limescale crumbles line the mug

The unicorn dismantles the cradle

The dish does away with the spoon.


Everyone chips in when

Push comes to shove

At the heel of the hunt

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