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Habeas corpus or what? Amnesty.


Ethical gift to salve the conscious conscience.


Place on cardboard coffee table to catch


the eyes of passers-by, nod frownfully


in silent solace, go wild ape and shout:






Then, from red animate to grey plausible go


do your best sepulchral Arlott:


‘Calendar caught Eye bowled Jaffa.’




The Grail Hunt

Bristol born Amelia Dyer - one of the most evi...

New early




On Chalice Hill

Four Anoraks

Coverer huddle:

Avebury better

Inclement weather


Three pilgrims fall

Two blue, one black

All Pilgrims struggle

When heading back

To Inn Asylum.



From the road

The Rifleman’s

With open arms

Rustle up

Wet Sanctuary.


milk, coffee and tea

Smoke pause and coffee slug
Curtain sloped out window
Sucked out, outsuck drag.
Shit! Banged red exposed elbow.
Smokestained drapes: salmon peach,
Tucked comfortably in twixt
bizzy-lizzy and big green shiny pot
imagine it plonked on silver beach
the shadows lengthen, sunbathers are vexed
some move, some curl up cold, and some do not.

Little happens slow
Somebody knows.

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