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Slice up blood orange

groovy silver drainer top

provides an awkward abattoir

sacrificial altar piece

makeshift place to


unwield rustic

ludic rusty knife

to serrate

to appease desire

jag mutilate Seville

in garish tattered gumshield

quartered segments

skin & pith intact


snaffled up cutish juice flesh

tense borne by bent paw

over chasmic chasm sinkwell


The surefoot chariot passes over

Imperious, regal, sublime

galumphing Phoebe sated

licks syrupy lips, sighs & leaves


above vile understuffs

Churching the Fish



It’s quarter past four…

The last machine is

Nearly done spinning

‘Beware of the hums’

The Ice-cream man Comet

Some shit by Mozart

The day’s getting grey

A white cabbage patch

Butterfly avoids

An insistent barrage

‘The hums are dumb, son’

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The all-embracing

pink bouncy rubbery squid

sprawls cross my mod cons…

Yes, it’s got that bad,

it’s reach this point, this juncture-


bold gigantic squid

lolling on my hot hob,

giving me that all

knowing dead one eye

come get me sucker

challenging behaviour act

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