Tag: New Year

Honky Tonk Shaman…

Timidly in new boots & scanties
Checking through messages
Lost in space in time
Pull blinds back…one two three cars

Unusual: three suspect pallets
strew non-conformist corners
heads jack-knifed on thin ice
black hole spills its load

All is quiet on New Year’s Day
Repeats on me like
Suspect mackerel
Wished my nostrils

happy birthday
Instead of New Year
Onset doolally
Or transubstantiation?

The clue lies in the carpet—
Cleopatra is present
If not quite with it
Still beggars can’t be choosers
& Donald where’s your trousers?
The wind blows high blows low
Over hollow land
Silly Land


Enshrouding us all
consumptive sageful frozen
fog obscures year’s end
taking one more day for granted
gormless formless fug
makes a list worth forgetting
declaring snidely:
auctions speak louder than words
citing crumbling masonry
ebbing sands of time desist
Soft! A milkman clinks
Stumbles through blue gloop fetching
discounted chocolates all
the way from bonny Belgium
and bumper size toilet rolls
meticulously trialed on
pliant Labrador puppies
in magnolia kennels


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