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I Sir Sago


Heavy duty gossamer sported shadow of a funman stumbling naked purblind golan dawn lost in cudgel citadels of Mynah where olive buds make counterpane relief crisp brittle dew on broken open ground encourage trudge tender back to trundle see near distant orange turns out pink up close up green ambiance impacts emotion well thumb read all about it in the palm of your paps soil fingers scrunched, grappling with concievables beyond incomprehension as in a one worder: baffled by gum listen up harkful as continuosity compels the feline sip unpuncted blandswill trial semolina crispen fresh white walking stick in drenched waterbath a must after outswilled pink conducive gobwash when inner voice say :’Spuchen Sie Sweinfleisch, Bitte?’ nod smiley blank surplus inner giggles giveaway twinkle eyes we no LOL no sir we gone Way beyond evil good third egress elect you bet bottom dollar constituencies of one called me myself and i sir sago. 

little ditties…(i am a walnut)

micropoems crowd
scarred free blogs save our doleful
planet from gutter
unnecessary clutter
peagreen penknife trysts
slashed on old tree blogs
Eternally yours forelorn
Tina’s coming very soon
…so just dig it dorothy
swallow the yellow brick road
& forever remember
neutron stars sleep all day
recharging batteries then
scintillate all night


manifest obscurity


Bangers in th’oven

Eleven o’clock pronto.

Football crowd chants:

He’ll shoot, he’ll score, he’ll eat your

Labrador, bloke next door, bloke next door.’


Sausage sandwich assembled

fearlessly sampled.

Zingy tabasco gobsmack.

Vogeltop bowerbirds strut their stuff.

Lovenest blueprints scrutinised.


Unique seduction points include:

iridescent spiders,

chocolate slugs, ant crispies,

seven flugelhorns,

zinc embossed en suite


Chamber Music hall;

silent moviedrome quintet;

playing incidentally framing caption

awestruck terpsichordal disbelief.

An Enlightened harpsichord.


Greasepaint mascara yard brush.

After birth oven nation.

Cod fish sauce soused

In Tin foil enveloped

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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