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Jesters at Vespers



After Sylvester evensong, Loyola piped up:

‘Out with the Pianola!’


(As Nasturtiums have for donkey’s years)

We were ready to kick out the jambs

The Easter Lambs & heaven could wait a quarter

Priscilla the Pig, our Abbot, dressed as Emile Zola

Got the  ball rolling with the much lauded Tombola.

A fine thing, like some tradition,

The Tombola of the Tropaeolum:

We put our Bull into a hat

Pull out the winner

And a new year

Doctrine is chosen

A fresh true rumour

To add to the credo

This is followed by

A game of sardines

An eternal favourite

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Mistah Trufflepockets Strikes Again




Sulksville dribbles beige
Dixie Jazztime in Valhalla·
Them posh hush puppies
Just aint working out·
pains crowd herd lower nexus·
memories flood joyful play
bring tears over years·
dat ole man blubber·
he just keeps mooching anon…


Honky Tonk Shaman…

Timidly in new boots & scanties
Checking through messages
Lost in space in time
Pull blinds back…one two three cars

Unusual: three suspect pallets
strew non-conformist corners
heads jack-knifed on thin ice
black hole spills its load

All is quiet on New Year’s Day
Repeats on me like
Suspect mackerel
Wished my nostrils

happy birthday
Instead of New Year
Onset doolally
Or transubstantiation?

The clue lies in the carpet—
Cleopatra is present
If not quite with it
Still beggars can’t be choosers
& Donald where’s your trousers?
The wind blows high blows low
Over hollow land
Silly Land

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