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When six comes

round I will shower,

avoiding Pointless Celebrities,

Strictly Come Prancing,

disport my pinball skills,

pray for deliverance,

and listen hard to

Words & Music if

they have not been downsized by

bloody austerity

Lassitude, Come Home!

Jules Balavoine - Lassitude

When tempted to run for pinball

do yoga breathing, stand on your head,

and whistle down the wind,

play games

with lazyitis, and why not!

The grizzly nonsense of dossy

dissipation, the thin dry horse

tethered to the crossbar outside

The Molten Slipper Saloon

disaster’s old recipe

Table on the meal when you get

Back home if you have

got a home at all.

rain stops play

Wackford Squeers

Pinball and Dickens, it will rain soon: the window will be shut.

Our hero is unwashable.

His father done bad investments.

Cold uncle with the sneery clerk do not help.

What is worse is that is he must go

faraway from this familiar terror

work for Squeers and dwell in his world.

Back in London the dirty oiks cheered him

on his way and gave him a letter.

he did not read it, forgot it.

We worry about him.

He drops the letter, retrieves it from the carriage floor

and reads:

‘…you can come at night. My spilling has gone with my wallies. Pops.’




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