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Sleep Daphnia



Are you in a gourd place, a worth thee situation?

Culmination: Dulcimer Concerto with Verbs

If not, how not? Where are you? How are you? What is to be done?

Let me be & let me live!

            In bed, in pain, in doubt, idling,

worrying, resisting, defying, ignoring,

avoiding, suffering, tormenting, confusing…

            Sofa so good. Comfy sofa. Groovy duvet.

Womb somewhere. Luvverly.

Somewhere baby.


Love glow: glove snow

Melt and moult.

Go Hen woman.

Cool and crispen oven…

Go, go, go-go

Pen woman…

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Up at the crack of doom and so it pours,

acrid quicklime, gregarious sash window,

drone buzz, sable confetti, nasal toot,

sootfall, gasp, volume, mass. What folly, what

pulchritude, what bafflement. Life was a

giant veiny nose, a red herring, a

wanton flop. So be it. Que Sera, Sera.

Horace Day, Matt Busby, James `The Fact` Durante…

pock dugout, dabbed down and dusted copious

cloud of potassium permanganate,

spotlighted by Lazarus, light reveals

white head and lost tribe of Erin: Quilty’s Pals.

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